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DenverTrack from DPD will help recover your car if it is Stolen
Posted on Nov 9th, 2023

DenverTrack is a new Denver Police Department (DPD) program that allows people, after they have a tracker in their car, to register the car to help the police recover a stolen vehicle.

The DenverTrack program works with any vehicle with an installed tracking device, including factory-installed or after-market devices, and GPS and Bluetooth tracking devices to track stolen vehicles in real time.

The program requires vehicle owners to register for DenverTrack to preauthorize Denver Police access to the GPS location data only in the unfortunate event that their vehicle is stolen. If a registered vehicle is reported stolen, DPD will then confirm consent from the vehicle’s owner to access the vehicle tracking information in real time, with the goal of quickly locating and returning the vehicle to the owner and arresting the suspect(s).

Vehicle owners can visit to register their vehicle and learn more about the program and additional auto theft prevention tips. Once the vehicle is registered online, DPD will mail DenverTrack stickers to owners to place on their vehicle’s windows to deter potential thieves from stealing their car. Placing a sticker on the registered vehicle is encouraged, but not required. While the program is free to register, a fee from the manufacturer may incur if the GPS system is accessed.