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May 2023 - Zoning Opposition
Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association Position Paper on Proposed Rezonings in the Cherry Creek North Statistical Neighborhood
CCNNA has officially opposed two rezoning requests seeking to increase the height from 5 stories to 8 stories, one on the site formerly home to Zaidy’s (at 101 N. Adams, rezoning application number 2022I-00184) and the other on the site formerly home to Piatti’s and Bloom to be known as St. Paul Place Cherry Creek (162 & 190 North Saint Paul and 165 & 185 North Steele Street, rezoning application number 2022I-00093) (collectively, the “Rezoning Applications”). 
This topic and CCNNA’s opposition position was described in the May 16th General Residents meeting at Bromwell School. 
This PDF includes the Opposition Petition describing the opposition in detail. The main points of opposition are that:
  • Cherry Creek North has been recently upzoned pursuant to a Cherry Creek Area Plan that included robust resident input; and
  • Cherry Creek North has seen massive development under the new upzoning but the infrastructure has not kept up; and
  • The proposed Rezoning Applications are not in line with the upzoning ordinances or the Cherry Creek Area Plan.
The opposition voices of many neighbors and even some developers have been noted. The proposed St. Paul Place rezoning is proposed to be a very expensive, high-end condominium development which the neighborhood does not need. More reasonably affordable condominiums are encouraged and welcomed so long as the height restrictions in the zoning are respected. The same is true of the proposed apartment development at 101 N. Adams: we need more reasonable and affordable rental housing in Cherry Creek, not more expensive luxury apartments.
ALL RESIDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED to add their names to the Opposition Petition located on the last page of the PDF. 
If you haven’t already signed the petition, just print the last page of the PDF, complete and sign it (or have a signing party with your neighbors) and return it to CCNNA by sending a PDF to or by returning a hard copy of the signed petition to CCNNA, P.O. Box 6010, Denver CO 80206. You can also drop your signed petition off to any of your friendly CCNNA Board Members. Please deliver your signatures by June 15th so that we may deliver our collective opposition to Denver Planning Staff and our councilpersons. 

Cherry Creek North - Zoning
As noted on the main Zoning page, Cherry Creek North has numerous zoning categories within its borders. The majority of the residential area is comprised of G-RH-3 zoning (General Row House 3 story).  And the CCN Business Improvement District ("BID") area has a special CCN zoning, which  majority of the commercial and retail district is comprised of CNN BID special district zoning includes mixed heights with taller buildings of 12 and 8 along 1st Avenue to 4 stories on the north side of 3rd.  The heights go up and down within the BID area in order to allow for a mix of heights and sunlight access throughout the neighborhood.
However, east of the BID zoning, there is commercial mixed use zones for 3 to 5 stories, identified in the map as C-MX -3 or 5 (meaning commercial mixed-use, 3- or 5-story).  There are also some PUD (Planned Unit Development zoned properties) for specific sites zoned before the new zoning went into effect. The actual zoning code designation specifies what can be included in these zoning categories, both in terms of what can be built (height and related forms uses) and how the property can be used. 
Denver's zoning code may be found at
Cherry Creek North's zoning maps show these various districts: