CCN Zoning

As noted on the main Zoning page, Cherry Creek North has numerous zoning categories within its borders. The majority of the residential area is comprised of G-RH-3 zoning (General Row House 3 story).  And the CCN Business Improvement District ("BID") area has a special CCN zoning, which  majority of the commercial and retail district is comprised of CNN BID special district zoning includes mixed heights with taller buildings of 12 and 8 along 1st Avenue to 4 stories on the north side of 3rd.  The heights go up and down within the BID area in order to allow for a mix of heights and sunlight access throughout the neighborhood.
However, east of the BID zoning, there is commercial mixed use zones for 3 to 5 stories, identified in the map as C-MX -3 or 5 (meaning commercial mixed-use, 3- or 5-story).  There are also some PUD (Planned Unit Development zoned properties) for specific sites zoned before the new zoning went into effect. The actual zoning code designation specifies what can be included in these zoning categories, both in terms of what can be built (height and related forms uses) and how the property can be used. 
Denver's zoning code may be found at
Cherry Creek North's zoning maps show these various districts: