Safety Issues

DenverTrack from DPD will help recover your car if it is Stolen - Click Here to read more
Residential Burglaries- Most are through the garage, sometimes with stolen garage door openers. Close and lock your garage doors as well as the door into the house. If you park on the street consider taking the opener with you.

Bikes - are a prime target both in garages and outside. Register your bike at
Cars - Don't leave valuables in cars whether or not it's locked. Free antitheft license plate screws are available at DPS, 1625 S. University between 7 am and 9 pm. These screws do not work on Tesla, BMW/Mini, and Volvo.
Catalytic converters - Converters are being stolen at an increasing rate. Have your VIN etched or spray-painted with heatproof paint by your mechanic or DPD is working with Lincoln Tech. These etching events are posted on Nextdoor.
Auto theft- Auto theft isn't common in our neighborhood but anti-theft steering wheel clubs are available for cars in the top 10 most stolen. Contact a Community Resource Officer (CRO) to see if your car qualifies and for other concerns regarding our neighborhood. (720)913-1248 or (720)913-1245.
Street racing- Racing has become a concern in Denver and a Street Racing Task Force has been formed. The police have impounded cars as well as arrested people for other outstanding violations.
DPD Traffic Enforcement Unit is aware of speeding in the neighborhood as well as cars not stopping at signs. Please report all incidents to the police. Non-emergency (720)913-2000 or 911 (when immediate action is needed regarding a person or property). If you can't decide, call 911.
Graffiti - And you can give graffiti “the brush off” by contacting www.DenverGovOrg/Graffiti. The link provides information on how to avoid graffiti, and a form to sign up for authorized graffiti and tagging removal if it happens to you.