Liquor Licenses

CCNNA's Zoning and Development Committee works with businesses in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood (including the BID) to oversee new liquor and cabaret licenses, as well as renewals of those relating to existing bars and restaurants in the neighborhood.  The usual process is to:
  1. receive and review information received from the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses;
  2. analyze the application to determine if there is a part of the proposal that may negatively impact the surrounding residential area, such as the possibility of excess noise;
  3. reach out to the applicant to negotiate a Good Neighbor Agreement to address the concerns; and
  4. enter into a Good Neighbor Agreement with the establishment that will govern the ongoing relationship between CCNNA (on behalf of the neighborhood residents) and the operator and provide limitations (such as hours of operations during which music may be heard in outside areas of the venue and related matters impacting the neighborhood).
CCNNA currently has Good Neighbor Agreements in place for the Moxy, The Clayton, The Jacquard, The Halcyon, Blend Wine and Spirits, Forget Me Not, Cherish, Steak Social LLC and others. 
Below are links to copies of many of these GNAs: