CCNNA Zoning Participation

Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association (CCNNA) participates actively in rezoning petitions filed in the CCN neighborhood. CCNNA has fought hard to keep in place the current zoning established in the 2010 Zoning Code and, for the CCN Business Improvement District (BID), the 2014 rezoning effort that established the Cherry Creek North District zoning, which allowed heights ranging from 12 stories to 4 stories in the BID area of Cherry Creek North. 
CCNNA has officially opposed several rezoning requests seeking to increase the height from 5 stories to 8 stories in the CCN zoned BID area, one on the site formerly home to Zaidy’s (at 101 N. Adams, rezoning application number 2022I-00184) and the other on the site formerly home to Piatti’s and Bloom to be known as St. Paul Place Cherry Creek (162 & 190 North Saint Paul and 165 & 185 North Steele Street, rezoning application number 2022I-00093). In both cases, the City Planning Department supported the current zoning and the Area Plan.  
The developer of the St. Paul Place development (which developer has indicated an intent to use the Waldorf Astoria branded condominium concept) WITHDREW its rezoning application for eight stories and, instead, plans to complete its project within the 5-story zoning envelope allowed for the site. CCNNA applauds the developer of these condominiums for working cooperatively with the neighborhood in modifying its project to stay within the confines of the existing zoning.  
On this website, we have left in place the information that was supplied by the City for the opposition of this proposed rezoning in order to educate members of CCNNA of the type of actions CCNNA takes to maintain the zoning and quality of life in Cherry Creek North. This PDF includes an outline of Cherry Creek North’s zoning and the reasons that CCNNA fought against these rezoning efforts, including that the proposals did not comply with the Cherry Creek Area Plan.
CCNNA through its zoning committee will continue to watch developments in Cherry Creek North and work hard to implement the existing zoning. In addition, CCNNA will participate in the discussions of the Cherry Creek West development on the west end of the mall property, owned by the Temple Buell Foundation. (See Section entitled Cherry Creek West).