The Cherry Creek North (CCN) neighborhood includes several zoning categories under the Denver zoning code:
  • The business retail area inside the Business Improvement District ("BID") located from 1st to the half block between 3rd and 4th and from University to the alley between Steele and Adams Streets has a special CCN zoning category that dictates what can be built where and how tall.  This BID zoned area has a special Design Review Board that oversees projects and confirms compliance with the zoning requirements applicable only to the BID area. 
  • The areas just east of the BID along 1st Ave to 2nd are primarily mixed-use zoning categories that include the right to construct retail, office, residential, and other mixed-use developments from 3 to 5 stories. 
  • The residential areas north of the BID and these mixed-use zoned areas are primarily G-RH-3, which means that 3-story duplexes and row-houses (without stacked units) can be built as well as single family homes. 
  • The below map is all of Cherry Creek, including Cherry Creek North and Cherry Creek East and the area which includes the Cherry Creek Mall.  Cherry Creek North is the area shown north of E 1st. Ave on the map.  Cherry Creek East is the area south of E 1st Ave on the map and the mall is the area in the s/w corner of the map.
In 2012 Denver adopted the Cherry Creek Area Plan which informs development, transit, and future rezoning within the Cherry Creek Area as show in the map above. Cherry Creek North is within the Cherry Creek Area Plan.  The entire Cherry Creek Area Plan may be found at: Cherry Creek Area Plan
In 2010, Denver adopted a new 'form-based' zoning code which completely revised the way that zoning is designated in the City and that new code dictates what can be built in the City (other than a few area such as Lowry in which the former zoning Code Chapter 59 still applies).  This new zoning code defined the majority of the residential neighborhood areas as G-RH-3 (General Row House 3 story).   
In addition to the commercial areas of the BID and the businesses along 6th Ave. and due east of the BID, there are also some "PUDs" (Planned Unit Developments) within the CCN neighborhood, which means the property was specifically "spot-zoned" for the specific use and building type approved for that site. While PUDs are still available, they have not been widely used following the adoption of the 2010 zoning code.
CCNNA through its zoning/development committee watches over zoning and development issues in and around the Cherry Creek North neighborhood and brings that information to residents and businesses alike. CCNNA allows residents to know what is going on and how to exercise a voice in the process.  This section of the website includes subsections on specific zoning or development sites of interest to CCN.