Membership Benefits

CCNNA Membership Benefits:
CCNNA takes action on behalf of the neighborhood through monitoring of Zoning and Licensing Issues
  • Zoning Committee - This committee constantly monitors issues related to zoning changes and variances, which may adversely affect property values. In addition, all new liquor licenses and changes to license ownership are monitored to protect the quality of life in CCN. 
  • Resident Assemblies - These meetings enable residents affected by major neighborhood development projects the opportunity to be informed on the project and voice any concerns and issues directly to project development staff. 
  • Safety Committee - This committee has been formed to promote neighborhood and business district safety improvements. 
  • District 3 Police Meetings - Committee members and residents meet with District 3 on, usually, the first Tuesday of each month to discuss safety issues.
CCNNA keeps the neighborhood informed by communicating with Members and Residents  
  • General Resident Meetings - These meetings are held four times a year for all CCN residents providing speakers and discussion on important City and CCN issues.
  • CCNNA Newsletter and Website - The newsletter is printed four times a year prior to each General Resident meeting and the website is updated continuously with important City and CCN information for residents.
  • Email System - All paid members with email are included in the email system, which provides prompt, current information on important issues. Member information is kept confidential and restricted to CCNNA use only.  
  • Special Information Forums - These educational and feedback events are arranged periodically on important CCN and City issues.
CCNNA creates a true neighborhood by offering residents the option to participate in clubs, groups, lectures, educational offerings and FUN EVENTS!  
  • Block Builder's Program - This active program builds a sense of community on each CCN block to enhance safety and security, friendships, communication, and quality of life in Cherry Creek North. 
  • Spring Fling - In spring/early summer the association sponsors a member party at a CCN location for CCNNA members to meet each other, make new friends, and develop a community spirit.
  • Social Activities - CCNNA offers social opportunities for residents, such as pot luck dinners, book clubs, bridge, movies, wine tasting, and other fun activities.
  • Sip and Savor - CCNNA's annual event of good food and wine with a purpose: giving back proceeds to a charity and to our local neighborhood library
Representing CCN in City Organizations       
  • Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) - This citywide neighborhood organization brings together all Denver neighborhoods on comprehensive city and community issues. Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation – Neighborhoods work better when they work together Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation – Neighborhoods work better when they work together (
  •  Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN) - This association with boundaries of Broadway to Colorado Boulevard and 1st to 22nd Avenues provides expertise and support to residents in the areas such as zoning, liquor licensing, and City services. CAPITOL HILL UNITED NEIGHBORHOODS - Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods Inc. (
  •  Cherry Creek Steering Committee (CCSC) - This CCN focused organization is made up of 25 representatives from CCN residents and businesses, neighborhoods contiguous to CCN, interested CCN parties, and City officials. Its purpose is to address major CCN economic improvement and infrastructure issues. CCN residential has four representatives on the Committee .
Membership does have its advantages!  We encourage you to join.
Our annual fee is only $40 per household.
You’re living in Cherry Creek North, one of the best neighborhoods in Denver...but are you a member of the Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association? 
If you want to truly be immersed in the community, to really get to know your neighbors and discover an almost endless number of lifestyle opportunities, you want more. You can have more fun. These photos are examples of only some of the wonderful Social Groups and Activities that our members enjoy.
Some of the other popular groups are: Book, Bridge, Cinema, Dines Out, Newcomers, Pickleball and Tapas Parties.
If you care about protecting the neighborhood’s environment from encroaching traffic, noise, congestion, and over-the top development...
If you care about sidewalks, parking and security... 
If you care about the character of our neighborhood and want to join your voice with your neighbors to increase our influence with the City on regulations, zoning and planning, then you need to join CCNNA.
We are not an HOA. For decades now, our volunteer Board has worked tirelessly to keep Cherry Creek North the special place it is. Our dues are only $40 per household per year. For such a small fee you get information via email between newsletters, advocacy, special Members-Only Events, two boxes of shredding, newsletter and website support, and much more. 
Don’t just reside in Cherry Creek North...really claim it all. Be a part of something truly special. Don’t just “speak Cherry Creek” it. Membership runs October- September so join now!
Benefits of CCNNA Membership:
CCNNA protects our neighborhood through advocacy in zoning, area planning and a strong sense of community.
CCNNA email keeps you informed on the latest Cherry Creek neighborhood developments and news.
CCNNA represents your interests with the City and the Cherry Creek business community.
CCNNA Membership means participation in our Social Groups, and invitations to Member Only Events.
CCNNA NEEDS MEMBERS TO HELP US IN THE MISSION!  And, membership does have its advantages since many events are limited to paid members only!  We encourage you to join. Our annual fee is only $40 per household.
CCNNA offers the convenience of joining or renewing your membership using your credit card! 
If you prefer to use the mail to provide payment or you can click on this link Membership Form to download the form and mail it to:
CCNNA Membership
PO Box 6010
Denver, CO 80206