Group Living - Position Statement

OPPOSITION STATEMENT by Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association (“CCNNA”) to Amendment Group Living Text Amendment
Since late 2019, CCNNA has strived to educate our residents about the Group Living Text Amendment which was adopted by City Council in 2020 and made changes to the Denver zoning code to allow certain expanded uses in the Cherry Creek neighborhood and throughout the City.  CCNNA took a broad approach to educate residents about this new law and sought wide input from residents, which were communicated to City Council. Please see the Summary of Comments to the Proposed Amendment below which outlines in more detail how the changes impact Cherry Creek North.  While the Group Living Amendment passed, the attached position statement shows how CCNNA seeks to educate and inform our residents with details on what can be constructed in the neighborhood from a zoning perspective.  CCNNA allows resident voices to be heard.