Parking & Transportation

***MAY 2024***
Notice to all CCNNA residents
Now is your chance to fight against the proposed parking permit changes that will severely impact the amount of parking for residents in the residential portion of the neighborhood.  
Please review the Updated Objection Letter and then sign on to the petition against these proposed changes through Councilwoman Sawyer’s office.
***Update*** - April 2023
New Parking Permit and Curbside Parking Restrictions Coming to Cherry Creek
Read more and review the draft guidelines at Parking Permit Rules and Regulations site
If you live in certain areas of Cherry Creek North, your home location has entitled you to parking passes for the curbside areas close to your house and there are likely 2 hour restrictions in other areas close to you. The City is proposing to change the regulations regarding permits and curbside parking restrictions in the coming year.  
The recommendations are still evolving, but the plan is to modify unrestricted parking areas of 4th and 5th Avenues between Madison and University to have 2-hour parking on the south sides of these avenues, and like all 2-hour blocks within the permit boundary, resident parking permits will be valid in these areas for parking longer than 2 hours. 
An annual fee will begin in 2024, which will likely be $20 for a vehicle-specific permit and $25 for a Flex permit (which replaces the prior Guest permit tag).  There will be more limited Permit Only Parking (No Parking 8AM-9PM, CC Permits Excepted) but it is likely that only approximately 6 spaces will remain on each block.  
CCNNA has participated in these discussions and encourages all residents to come to the May 16th neighborhood meeting to hear the City’s Scott Burton explain the proposed changes and timing of implementation.  In addition, you may participate and give comments on this new program in a virtual public hearing scheduled for Friday, May 5th 11:00am -12:30pm but you must register to participate at
Written comments can be submitted to

Parking in Cherry Creek North.
There is a long history to the restricted parking regulations in Cherry Creek North.  When the mall was constructed and the Business Improvement District (“BID”) expanded, the number of employees of these retail establishments parking in the adjacent residential neighborhood areas skyrocketed.  The problem became worse when time-restricted and then paid parking was implemented in the BID.  To help with the problem, a restricted parking plan was adopted for portions of Cherry Creek North in the neighborhood areas.  Both a permit hang-tags (and guest hang-tags) and time-restricted curbside parking areas were implemented in order to allow residents to have access to parking on or near the home in which they lived.  But certain users (condos, apartment building users and non-primary residents) were not able to acquire a tag.  Others in the City claimed that the restricted parking uses were unfair to others (including employees) who want to come to the area and park on public streets for which all tax dollars are used to maintain.  Thus began the review of the restricted parking system.
Beginning in the spring of 2022, the city began reviewing the parking permit program, including the parking permit program in Cherry Creek North. A Curbside Access Plan (“CAP”) committee was formed and was headed by Scott Burton at the department of transportation and infrastructure with the City. The goal of the CAP committee was to review and discuss issues involving parking permits, both in Cherry Creek and in other areas of the City in which there are tremendous needs for additional parking. 
CCNNA participated actively on this committee and included CCNNA President Lou Raders and other CCNNA, board members and non-board member residents and residents and board members of the Cherry Creek East association.  Numerous meetings were held remotely and recommendations were introduced to the CAP committee in December 2022. Those recommendations took into account actual curbside uses mapped within the Cherry Creek neighborhood, and in the BID.
The goals identified by the City to the CAP committee included:
1. Address parking availability, meaning where was parking available I address.
2. Balance, parking options for all users..
3. Encourage use a van Street underutilized parking.
4. Encourage use of off-street parking.
5. Improve traveler, safety..
6. Balance parking demand from new developments.
The CAP committee was presented with the following recommendations for discussion in December 2022:
1. Locational updates to curbside parking restrictions, meaning that restricted parking permits and restricted time frames for parking would be modified.
2. Modified parking hours of operation from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM to 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM and paid in non-paid areas.
3. Identify bicycle and micro mobility parking locations.
4. Update the restricted permit parking only parking restrictions to two or three hour parking restricted parking permit accepted from 8 AM to 9 PM.
5. Introduced additional unrestricted parking on the Avenues (as opposed to the named streets).
6. Improve daylighting at alleys, driveways and intersections.
7.  Introduce no parking zones on streets to provide additional passing opportunities.
8. Implement performance-based parking pricing in high demand areas.
9. Support CCN bid efforts to improve parking wayfinding signage, and curbside management communication.
10.  Continue to explore feasibility of including Sunday in paid and non-paid time restricted areas.
These recommendations were discussed at the December 2022 CAP committee meeting and several suggestions were made by committee members. The process will continue with further discussions and recommendations in the spring and summer of 2023.
So watch for changes coming to the restricted parking areas within Cherry Creek North!